Example Stylesheet

Steve Ball

$Id: example.html,v 1.9 2004/10/10 06:18:57 balls Exp $


This module provides a template for adding stylesheet modules to the XSLT Standard Library.

To add a new module to the library, follow these easy steps:

  1. Copy this file and replace its contents with the new module templates and documentation.

  2. Copy the corresponding test file in the test directory. Replace its contents with tests for the new module.

  3. Add an include element in the stdlib.xsl stylesheet.

  4. Add an entry in the test/test.xml file.

  5. Add entries in the test/test.xsl stylesheet.

  6. Add an entry in the doc/build.xml file.

The example.xsl stylesheet provides a more extensive example.

Table of Contents

eg:example - Template Example


eg:example — Template Example


<xsl:template name="eg:example"><xsl:param name="text"/>  ...</xsl:template>

Provides a template for writing templates. Replace this paragraph with a description of your template


The example string


Returns nothing.